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26th-Dec-2007 06:56 pm - ARTS ICONS
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20th-Mar-2007 04:33 pm(no subject)
Christian Bale *  Dan Evans B/W
Red Hot Chili Peppers - iTunes originals and AOL sessions  
19 icons


Let's moon 'em!
4 icons. All of Richard Burton (our beloved George). Enjoy.

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George, without MarthaCollapse )
26th-Feb-2007 01:12 am - CSI Las Vegas
Christian Bale *  Dan Evans B/W
CSI LAS VEGAS - 17 icons

  • 7.16 - 7.17

  • Catherine Willows (mix)

18th-Feb-2007 10:30 pm - Drama-inducing (???) Icons
Let's moon 'em!
18 icons. Fightin' words, mostly. Something for those WTF moments. Some swearing.


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Erica...did you make these while pissed, perchance?Collapse )

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17th-Feb-2007 12:23 pm - Whole Heap O' Firefly Icons
Joss is Boss
44 of them to be exact. Enjoy!

Remember your Karma:

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Take my love, take my land! Take me where I cannot stand....Collapse )

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21st-Jan-2007 09:46 pm - 16 Valentine/Anti-Valentine icons
Let's moon 'em!
Didn't want anyone to feel left out! First 8 are cute, last 8 are cutting (or at least, not very loving). Enjoy!

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03 14 16

I hate love.Collapse )

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15th-Jan-2007 01:22 am - The Pursuit of HappYness
Christian Bale *  Dan Evans B/W
The pursuit of HappYness

I loved this movie so much... here we have 10 icons ^^

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Let's moon 'em!
18 icons of the fantastic 1966 movie Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (mainly featuring Elizabeth Taylor, but all 4 characters appear at least once)

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06 14 17

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31st-Dec-2006 11:00 am - Movie: Fantastic Planet
Let's moon 'em!
14 icons of the 1973 animated, trip-tastic movie, Fantastic Planet.

They've been cross-posted a bit (oddballicons, fringe_icons, other places?), so if they look familiar - you now know why.

!!WARNING!! Mild swearing and irreverence ahead

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03 06 08

A Sublime Trip to a Fine New WorldCollapse )
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