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Invitation to post!

As a note, all of the icon makers who have joined so far should consider this an invitation to post! It's the only way to get the community off and running, so feel free to post whatever icons you like. Just make sure that you follow the rules in the userinfo - at least five icons a post, separate subjects, and label it!

Format: (as of 23/12/2006)


Movie: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Actor: James Franco
Actress: Julia Roberts
TV Show: Grey's Anatomy
Holiday: Christmas
Nature: Flowers

So there's an idea of how the format should go in your subject! And feel free to narrow it down further - if it's Grey's Anatomy and you did a whole bunch of Meredith icons, go ahead and say so.

(And if you have any suggestions about the format I've laid out up there, please hop down and comment on the Suggestions & Ideas post just below this one.)
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Ideas? Suggestions? Questions?

If you have any ideas, suggestions or questions for/about this community, post them here! This is especially important right now when the community is getting started. :) Don't be shy!

December 22nd: Right now I am especially looking for ideas and suggestions about how the tag and memory system should be used. Initially many people thought that the tag system would be virtually limitless, but this has been proven to be untrue - eventually it is capped at 500. Edit: According to some comments, this is only true for communities that get a lot of use, so for now we won't worry about it - we will have a set format, however, so that everything is easy to find.
Base - look out from the balcony

Welcome Post

Hi! Welcome to The Icon Database. :)

This is a community dedicated to making icons easier to find. Each post will deal with one subject and one subject only, and will be tagged or added to the memories in such a way that users will find it easy to find what they are looking for. This is a work in progress, but the idea is to make this community different - well organised, a place where people can come if they want to find things well organised, even if the spectrum is broad.

So if this looks like the sort of place you'd like to post your icons to, then go ahead and join! We're happy to have you. :) Just take a look at the rules before you post, please! * The community has temporarily been placed on unmoderated status to help it get started, but this may change at any time.

Oh, and for now - promote, promote, promote! This is the sort of community that needs people posting in order to succeed :) So if you know other icon makers who would be interested, tell them about this community!

~ effervescent