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The Icon Database

Icon Database
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Welcome to The Icon Database!

Tired of searching through large icon posts for the few icons that deal with the book, movie or subject you want an icon of?

Like the idea of an icon community where the icons are organised and easy to find, with only one fandom or subject per post?

Then you've come to the right place! Welcome to The Icon Database, where the idea is to have a community where icons are organised and easy to find. We've all had the experience of going to a community to find that the posts only contain or link to posts that only have a few icons on the subject - this community has the idea of stopping that.

The Rules:

1) Any topic (within Livejournal's TOS) is acceptable here, as long as it is clearly indicated. (ex; Book: ____, Movie: ___, Flowers, Actor: ___, etc)

2) Each post must be clearly labelled in the subject line. If it is not, you will be asked to edit it, or the post will be deleted.

3) Each post must only contain one subject. If you have ten Harry Potter icons, ten Supernatural icons and ten flower icons, make a new post for each. The point of this community is to be anally organised.

4) Each post must contain at least five icons. This is to avoid the occasions that all of us have run in to: clicking on a post, only to find out that it only has one or two icons of the subject we were interested in. This includes links back to your journal! If you want to link to your journal somewhere in the post, fine - but your post has to have a subject and at least five icons that are OF THE SUBJECT. If you just post a link, your post will be deleted!

4) Each post will be tagged and added to the memories - hence the name. It's not a database if you can't find everything! :)

5) Have fun and make suggestions if there's something you think should be changed! :D This community is about what icon makers and users want.

As of December 22nd 2006, this community is a work in progress! Please have patience while the tag and memory system is developed, and feel free to make suggestions and/or offer ideas!

Oh, and for now - promote, promote, promote! This is the sort of community that needs people posting in order to succeed :) So if you know other icon makers who would be interested, tell them about this community! Posting access is unmoderated, for now - this is to help the community get started.